Web 2.0 Development Services

Web 2.0 Application Development is about the subsequent generation of Internet based applications to facilitate and accentuate online association, sharing between users and functioning collectively.

The emergence of communication and collaboration tools of Web 2.0 Applications has inspired people to interact over the web and thus offer a cost-effective way to promote knowledge sharing, viral communication, increase sales, brand loyalty and reduce support costs.

ITeSolution understands the importance of integrating Web 2.0 based Application Services into your online presence and thus assist you with all stages of the Web 2.0 Development process, right from requirements gathering, planning, and design to development, implementation, and ongoing management of the Web 2.0 Applications and Infrastructure.

We use rich internet application techniques such as AJAX and Flex extensively to build web 2.0 based Applications ranging from a simple user interface blueprint to a Web 2.0 based community networking site.

ITeSolution offers Web 2.0 Application Development solutions based on industry leading open platforms to facilitate pioneering, robust, scalable, and security-rich Web 2.0 Applications that meet just about every business prerequisite.

Web 2.0 Development is a conclusion of an open source community efforts where business can capture a new-fangled character of all its users. Web 2.0 Development standards are being acknowledged across the globe to smooth the progress of inventiveness, information sharing, and collaboration amongst web users in the World Wide Web.

Our Web 2.0 Development features

  • Creating a Blog and making it available an RSS Feed
  • Adding up AJAX Text, AJAX Image Viewer and Content Effects
  • Accumulation of Social Bookmarks
  • Create Web 2.0 Graphics, CSS web design
  • Mapping across Google Map
  • Including Mobile Capabilities
  • Adding together Widgets, widget application development

So be sure to contact ITeSolution for any Web 2.0 Development needs.